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Under the shadow of His Wings

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Margrite first visited the BBM to deliver a course to the students in November 2012.  This initial visit has now evolved into a permanent part of the curriculum; a 3 year progressive training program, not just equipping students with valuable counselling skills, but also addressing the deep-rooted needs in their own lives and challenging them to take a Christian stand against a violence which society has largely accepted as normal.

Iphiko funds the complete cost of this training, and additionally funds the annual registration fees for three of the students who are unable to pay for themselves.

One such student is Banda Jeremiah  Read his testimonial here.  Another is Cherub Christian, read his testimonial here.

One of the truly amazing aspects of teaching these students is the way they are so focused on learning absolutely everything they can while they are here at the college.  Even when they are given short breaks in the course of the day, they spontaneously burst into the most uplifting worship.

Iphiko is now part of the academic board for the training college, and so has an input into the delivery and method of teaching the counselling curriculum throughout the year.

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Counselling Courses

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BBM has been training students from around the world for since 1991.

The curriculum includes the study of every book of the Bible, pastoral and other skills needed in the work of a church pastor.  The focus is on mission, prayer ministry, soul winning, preaching and outreach.  Iphiko’s service to the college is to provide counselling training to each of the students.  

When the students graduate, these counselling skills are taken across the world to many different countries, often to great areas of need.

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Currently 124 students are enrolled, representing 24 different countries.  

Many of them are from centres of conflict and war-torn countries, where they are often persecuted for their faith.

Approximately 70% of these student are ALREADY pastors in a church in their home country.