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Under the shadow of His Wings

Children’s Work

We support a couple of crèches - helping to provide a safe space for vulnerable children who are at risk of being traumatised due to the high incidence of child/infant sexual abuse.  

Pastor Vussi’s church crèche looks after over 200 children, some of whom are refugees from neighbouring countries.  As they are there illegally, the government will not provide for them.  Without the safety of this crèche, many of these children face violence and rape from predators who take advantage of their isolation while their care-givers are working.  

Iphiko gives support financially and emotionally and is planning in the future to provide training.  Some of the monies have been used to buy water tanks, folding tables and chairs for the new after-school building, seeds for the garden, vegetable plants and other requirements the children might have.

Iphiko also sponsors two sisters, Lwandle and Syiamandle (right).  Lwandle has special health needs due to being HIV positive.  Her mother cannot afford the specialist diet that Lwandle needs, so this is provided for her by Iphiko.

Supplementary to the counselling services Iphiko provides, children’s work is very important to us.

Children's Gallery Pastor Vussi says thank you Gill playing at Pastor Vussi's creche