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Under the shadow of His Wings

Counselling Services

Margrite Tebboth BA Hons. Reg.MBACP, ACC, Accr.CS is a trained counsellor, psychotherapist and teacher.  She travels at least twice yearly with Iphiko, others come on single or just a few visits.

The focus of counselling is to address the emotional and spiritual damage of trauma, rape, abuse, domestic and other violence, suicide, murder, bereavement and divorce.

In this area of Africa  it is very difficult for people to access professional counselling to help them overcome the trauma of violent incidents in their lives. This makes it difficult for them to move on in a positive way.  If they don’t find healing for their own trauma then the emotional damage it has caused will be passed on and they will unintentionally injure others through their wounded behaviour.  It is a generational issue, a vicious cycle, which is difficult to escape without professional help.  

Margrite also trains key people in each country in trauma and basic counselling skills in conjunction with local churches.   Other members of Iphiko support these workshops by helping to coordinate small group and to pray with people.

These training seminars and workshops are well attended every time that Margrite conducts them, demonstrating how great the need is.

Counselling is the core service provided by Iphiko.

To those who have received counselling and those who have been trained in basic counselling skills, Iphiko is an answer to prayer. Let’s see what they have to say...

“Can’t compare to any other presentation I’ve ever been to.  Extremely needed for total healing.  It was the best thing that can happen to the emotionally wounded!”

A Pastor

“Words cannot describe how helpful this workshop has been to me.  It’s simply phenomenal and life changing.  I feel so blessed.  Thank you so much.”

A Social Worker