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Dear friends,

the new church in Elukwatini is thriving thanks to Pastor Benedict, who recently married and lives in one room with his wife. They cook, sleep and entertain visiting preachers in that one room.

Iphiko is in the process of building a mission house there, next to the church, under the watchful eye of Pastor Vussie. He immediately set the building project in motion the day he received the funds from Iphiko. Pastor Vussie, who started the church there (one of many he started)diligently sends all receipts for material and labour.

The church there is full of children, who in turn bring their parents. Hallelujah!!

God is so good, may the name of Jesus continue to be glorified and honoured in everything. Thank you for praying, giving and caring.

See below the church and young Pastor Benedict's room next to it. (left to the bags of cement you can just get a glimpse of one of the banners we brought over from St Andrews)

love and blessings


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