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Under the shadow of His Wings

Other Projects

Lwandle and Siyamandle

Siya enjoys running around with the other children and Lwandle is growing up full of confidence, loves school and has lots of friends.

Futhi Mkhonza

Futhi travels miles every day, to feeding stations, schools and hospitals to share the Gospel with others.  One of these feeding stations is where Margrite first came across Futhi.  She is a widow with young children, so Iphiko is supporting Futhi so that she can continue this vital work.

Pastor Vussi

Pastor Vussi has just completed an exciting new project founding and building a church in the tribal areas near Elukwatini, which Iphiko have funded. The church community was meeting in a leaky shack, but  Pastor Vussi, had a vision for a new building that would be big enough for everybody as the church continued to grow.  And the church is now built!  A new pastor has been commissioned, Pastor Benedict, who looks after the growing congregation.  They have an amazing children’s work, and Iphiko hopes to be able to supply them with Sunday School materials in the future.  Iphiko has also purchased 60 chairs and bought two colourful banners, which were a gift from St Andrew’s in Woodford Green, Iphiko’s home church.

Pastor Golden Ngome

Iphiko holds training and healing seminars in the townships of Emjindini in a church run by  Pastor Golden Ngome.  During Iphiko’s last visit, he invited leaders from all the surrounding areas to come to  the daily seminars.  One pastor, who is disabled, walked for an hour each way  just to attend.

Iphiko supports other projects in Mpumalanga, primarily through financial support to individuals in need.