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Under the shadow of His Wings


Many people have benefited from counselling training seminars and from receiving counselling themselves.  Let’s see what they have to say.

“Can’t compare to any other presentation I’ve ever been to.  Extremely needed for total healing.  It was the best thing that can happen to the emotionally wounded!”

A Pastor

“Words cannot describe how helpful this workshop has been to me.  It’s simply phenomenal and life changing.  I feel so blessed.  Thank you so much.”

A Social Worker

“This workshop/course should be conducted on a regular basis.  It is very relevant for all age groups.”

A delegate

“It was as if God had taken me on a journey to finally understand myself.  Now that I know what my problems are, I know how to heal them.  Thank you with blessing me with this amazing experience.  You truly are the Healer’s Daughter”

A Youth Worker

“Thank you for helping me to see what’s really been holding me back from going forward in my spiritual walk and everything in my life.  I will seek help because I know where I have been going wrong and what I can make better.  When my broken wings are healed I will be able to help others.”

A rape victim

“It’s been a blessing of great magnitude.  You touched my life in a way no one has ever done.  For the first time in my life I felt understood.  I am not there yet but I know the end of the tunnel is very near.”

A doctor’s wife

I would like to thank you individually for the work you have done and the knowledge you have imparted to us in the Counselling Course.  May the Lord greatly bless you and all the glory and honour should be unto Him.  Your servanthood, is a rich example to us students.”

A student from the Bible School